StayBay Guide

This guide will help your Property Ads get better ranking & visibility.


Guide to a Better Property Title

1. It should be maximum 8-9 words length.

2. Avoid using words like and, or, in, for

3. Avoid all types of symbols like @, /, “”, #, *, &, %, () 



3 bhk duplex furnished villa rent Electronic city, Bangalore

  1. It’s 9 words length
  2. and, or, in, for words aren’t used
  3. Complex symbols not used
  4. It’s not ALL CAPITAL letters

Guide for Images

Before you add images, it’s extremely important to rename it as per your property title. It gives amazing results when it comes to SEO.

Guide to Property Description

Write anything in this section, in any style. It’s all your choice.

But always take care of Property Title & Renaming your images.


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