Thank You Very Much!

Thank You Very Much for Posting Your Property.

Once we reviewed it, It’ll be alive on our platform. We are not allowing bad quality properties or good properties with bad quality photos on out platform.

That’s unique about us.

How to know whether your property got approved by our team?

  1. We will email you.
  2. Or you can search it (faster & better option)

What if not approved?

  1. The first and most possible reason of discarding your property from our platform is poor quality properties. poor quality data or images or no contact information.
  2. Avoid these mistakes and 99% of times, you are welcome to StayBay
  3. While entering email and contact information, the very mistake people do is they don’t enter is in the editor. That’s crucial. Otherwise, it won’t appear in the listing on our Platform.
  4. Always try your best to update information about your property, respect peoples interested in your property & their privacy. Any single complaint with little proof of bad activities will suspend all your property for 30-60 days.