What are the best Practices for StayBay Listing?


This simple step-by-step​ guide will help you do it yourself. These basic informations will help you a lot to get vast response from StayBay & potential clients too.


1. Use a nice title, concise but informative title. The title length should be less than 75 characters length.


1. In the first line, copy-paste your title.

2. In the second line, write the price.

3. In the third line, write the contact number & email (whatever suits you). THIS IS IMPORTANT. Because, visitors gonna contact you using this contact information ONLY. The email you entered in the email section above is only for the confirmation & contact purpose between StayBay and you. Make sure this is your correct email id.

4. In the section, write down max. 3-4 line short essay about your property. This is important. Most visitors just look for the short description of your property & their 80% decision depends upon what’s written here.

5. In the next section, describe your property fully. Give a clear picture about your property.

6. (Optional) In this section, you are going to insert a nice video of your property. More importantly, you can’t just simply upload it to StayBay, because of extreme security policy StayBay offers to it’s visitors. Simply prepare your video, upload it to YouTube. Copy-Paste the YouTube link here. Done. Your video is now on StayBay.

7. (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) In this section you are going to insert images of your Properties & it’s very simple. As videos, you can’t simply upload your images. Upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox/Box and copy paste the image link here. Done.

These are the practices that will help you get better rank in StayBay Engine. 

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While you are listing for free, StayBay team doesn’t optimises your information about your property for StayBay Engine, Web & Search Engines. It just allows your property to get listed on our platform. So how it’ll appear on StayBay, how it’ll appear on StayBay Engine, web & Search Engines is all upto you.